Guide: Protecting Your Trees from Snow and Ice

Ice on Tree Branches - Techniques for Protecting

How to Protect Your Trees from Snow and Ice

Protecting your trees from snow and ice is crucial, especially for young, fragile, or evergreen species like the Green Giant Arborvitae. Here are strategies to safeguard your trees during the winter:

1. Proper Pruning:

Before winter sets in, prune any dead or weak branches. This reduces the chance of them breaking under the weight of snow or ice. However, avoid extensive pruning which can stimulate new growth that is more vulnerable to winter damage.

2. Use Burlap Wraps:

For smaller trees and shrubs, wrap them in burlap to provide a barrier against heavy snow and desiccating winter winds. The burlap should be loose enough to allow air circulation.

3. Apply Mulch:

Mulching around the base of trees helps to insulate roots from extreme temperature fluctuations and retains soil moisture.

4. Gently Remove Snow:

After a snowfall, gently brush off snow from the branches to prevent accumulation. Use an upward motion to avoid damaging the branches. Avoid shaking the tree, as this can cause branches to break.

5. Avoid De-icing Salts:

If you use de-icing salts on nearby pathways, be aware that they can be harmful to trees. Use plant-friendly alternatives or create a barrier to protect your trees from salt spray.

6. Install Physical Supports:

For young or weak trees, consider installing stakes or a wooden frame around them to provide extra support against heavy snow and ice.

7. Anti-Desiccant Sprays:

For evergreens, consider applying an anti-desiccant spray in the fall. These sprays form a protective layer over the foliage to reduce moisture loss.

8. Choose Tree Varieties Wisely:

If you’re planting new trees, consider choosing species that are more resistant to snow and ice damage, particularly those that are native to your region.

9. Regular Inspections:

Regularly check your trees for signs of stress or damage throughout the winter, especially after severe weather events.

By taking these precautions, you can significantly reduce the risk of snow and ice damage to your trees, ensuring their health and beauty are preserved throughout the winter season. For more information, or to buy Green Giant Arborvitae, contact Rolling Fields Tree Farm.