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Green Giant Arborvitae - The Perfect Privacy Tree

Green Giant Arborvitae is the fastest growing and most popular evergreen tree for a variety of landscaping purposes. Its lush, soft foliage stays deep green year round, making it a perfect option for a natural privacy barrier. Also called "Thuja Green Giant", they are an incredibly resilient species of evergreen tree, both easy to plant and maintain. Often reaching heights of 50ft at a rate of 3ft per year, the Green Giant Arborvitae’s voracious growth makes it a perfect option for privacy, deterring pool peeking neighbors. These pest and storm resistant trees have proven themselves year after year in a variety of landscape applications. That's why we're all-in on Green Giants. We've streamlined our process to bring you Green Giants and only Green Giants as efficiently as possible, no matter where in the Mid-Atlantic you want them.

Green Giant Arborvitae Information

Scientific Name: Thuja Plicata x Standishii
Shape: Conical/Pyramidal
Growth Rate: Up to 3’ per year
Shipping Size: 6’-18’ bare root/root ball/pot, etc
Mature Size: 50-60ft
Planting Spacing: 8ft in staggered rows or 5ft in single rows
Leaf Type/Arrangement: Flat sprays with scale-like opposite needles
Fragrance: Pine/Juniper
Color: Green with reddish brown wood
Soil pH: Acidic (<6.0) or neutral (6.0-8.0)
Soil Type: Occasionally wet, good drainage with high organic matter
Sunlight Preference: Full sun or partial shade
Hardiness Zones: 5b, 5a, 6b, 6a, 7b, 7a
Uses: Shade, Privacy, Hedge, Windbreak, Decorative 
Deer Resistant: Not preferred by most browsing pests
Blocks Noise: Full growth habit diffuses sound waves year-round
Low Maintenance: Hardy, tolerates range of moisture conditions
  • Best seller
  • Fast growing
  • Storm resistant
  • Deer resistant
  • Privacy screen
  • Low Maintenance
In Stock

Contractor Grade Trees (balled + burlapped)

Our workhorse tree. These "balled-and-burlapped" trees are field grown with the highest standard of care and have everything that gives Green Giants their reputation as the most preferred privacy tree available. They are suitable for all applications, but their lower cost makes them perfect for property lines, blocking views, and windbreaks where the size and quantity are more primary considerations. Shipping not included.

Size Price
7-8 ft $200
8-9 ft $250
9-10 ft $295
10-12 ft $375
12-14 ft $510
14-16 ft $625
16-18 ft $750
18-20 ft $1190

Specimen Grade (balled + burlapped)

Our highest quality tree. Cultivated with a single-leader structure to maximize beauty and consistency. Having a single trunk improves symmetry and balance, reducing the need for aesthetic pruning and removal of weakly attached limbs. These are the best option for achieving visual uniformity among multiple trees. Shipping not included.

Size Price
7-8 ft $280
8-9 ft $350
9-10 ft $415
10-12 ft $525
12-14 ft $715
14-16 ft $875
16-18 ft $1050
18-20 ft $1670

Container-Grown Trees

These young, vibrant trees are nurtured with the same dedication to quality and growth as our specimen-grade, single leader trees but offer the unique advantage of being easily transportable. Ideal for urban gardens, patios, or areas where space is a premium, these trees are cultivated to thrive in their containers until they're ready to find their permanent home in your landscape. Whether you're looking to create a private oasis, enhance your outdoor decor, or simply enjoy the benefits of young, healthy trees without the wait, our container-grown trees provide the flexibility to ship smaller sizes directly to your doorstep. Embrace the beauty and practicality of these meticulously cared-for saplings, ready to grow alongside you. Shipping not included.

Size Price
1-2 ft $8
2-3 ft $18
3-4 ft $25
4-5 ft $50
5-6 ft $75
6-7 ft $100
7-8 ft $140

Or if you'd prefer to talk one-on-one:

Need 3-7ft Trees? Smaller sizes available in containers. Call or email for details. (443) 566-2887

Mature, Robust Green Giants offer total privacy immediately upon planting, while younger trees grow quickly to fill in your space. 

Flatbed truck fully loaded with dozens of green giant arborvitae for delivery

Ask About Planting for Local Customers

As much as we enjoy sending our trees off to their new lives hundreds of miles away, our passion is for the land here near home, and it does us great pleasure to be able to personally plant our trees on your property. We offer comprehensive installation services, including consulting on spacing and drainage to our neighbors within 50 miles of Galena, MD. Give us a call and let's make a plan!

Rolling Fields is All-In on Green Giants

Rolling Fields has been in the Corrin Family since 1974. Ever since, we have taken great pride in the special care and attention we bring not only to raising our trees, but to the relationships we build with customers. 

We are proud to serve Delaware, Maryland, and Southeastern Pennsylvania, and have grown further to become the Mid-Atlantic's largest supplier of our most beloved tree - Green Giant Arborvitae.

Fast Growing
Given the fast growth rate of Green Giants, establishing a privacy screen happens quickly when larger, more mature trees are selected for the initial plantings. However, if smaller trees are more budget friendly, you will be pleased with the rapid growth rate of the high quality plant material we provide.
Storm & Drought Resistant
The branch structure of a mature Green Giant is perpendicular to the stem of the tree. Thus, when encountered with the heavy load of snow and ice, the branches give slightly and shed the load preventing damage to the tree.  Compared to trees like the White Pine and Leyland Cypress, Green Giants are almost indestructable when it comes to storms. The sturdy, deeply spreading root system makes them less susceptibe to issues such as uprooting when planted properly. 
Pest & Disease Resistant
Green Giants are best known for their resistance to insects, deer, diseases, and other pests. When it comes to resisting deer and other wildlife, Green Giants are among the last to be munched, so you can rest assured your privacy screen will remain healthy and intact year after year.

Tree Planting Season has Arrived

As late spring unfolds, it’s a crucial time to finalize your landscaping projects. At, we proudly offer a diverse selection of Green Giant sizes, perfectly suited for enhancing your garden just before summer begins. Late spring offers a unique advantage for tree planting—temperatures are still moderate and the ground is warm, encouraging root growth. This is the ideal moment to establish trees, allowing them to become well-rooted before the summer heat intensifies.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the tranquility of your garden, increase privacy, or infuse vibrant colors into your landscape, our expert team is ready to assist you in choosing the best trees for your local climate and soil conditions.

Act now to take advantage of this prime planting time. Planting your trees at this point in the season maximizes the growth benefits of late spring, setting the foundation for a thriving, lush landscape. Don’t wait until it's too late—order now to ensure your trees are settled in and ready to flourish throughout the summer

Mature Green Giants with burlap-wrapped root balls being prepared for planting

Our large trees are dug fresh and wrapped in burlap directly before shipping ensuring maximum root health and optimum growth upon planting.

Young Arborvitae Tree being planted in a hole in fall

Are you a landscape professional, contractor, or wholesaler?

Contact us for wholesale pricing

Text (443) 566-2887


What varieties are available?
We have two varieties available:
Green Giant Arborvitae - also called thuja Green Giant, or thuja plicata x standishii;
and Green Splendor Arborvitae - also called Thuja Green Splendor, or simply thuja plicata.
Do you deliver?
Yes, please use our order form toprovide your location and quantity of trees and we’ll provide a quote. We offer delivery and planting for smaller orders close to home in Galena, MD. For more remote customers, we encourage larger orders to mitigate overpayment on shipping. Shipping rates vary and are considerable. More trees per order is more trees per dollar.
Do you sell trees other than Green Giants?
We specialize in Green Giants but occassionally offer Green Splendor, a close relative of Green Giants with a narrower growth habit, where applicable.
What is the right growing zone for Green Giants?
Green Giant Arborvitae typically thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5 through 9.
Zone 5: This zone includes parts of states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and some northern regions of the United States. Green Giant Arborvitae can survive cold winters in Zone 5, but it's essential to ensure the tree is well-established and adequately mulched to protect its roots from extreme cold.
Zone 6: This zone encompasses areas like Missouri, Kansas, and parts of states from the Mid-Atlantic through the Central United States. The tree should do well in this zone, with relatively mild winters.
Zone 7: This includes parts of the Southern United States and up the East Coast. Green Giant Arborvitae thrives well in Zone 7 with its moderate winter temperatures.
Zone 8: Covering parts of the Deep South and the Pacific Northwest, this zone is excellent for Green Giant Arborvitae, but there might be some concerns about intense summer heat. It's crucial to ensure that the tree gets enough water during dry spells.

Zone 9: While this is the warmest zone where Green Giant Arborvitae can grow, there might be concerns about excessive heat and humidity in places like Florida or southern Texas. It's essential to provide the tree with adequate water and perhaps a bit of afternoon shade if possible.
Always ensure that you're planting Green Giants in well-draining soil, provide ample space for the tree to grow, and water regularly, especially during dry spells. It's also a good idea to consult with local nurseries or gardening experts who might have specific advice for your locality.
Does green giant arborvitae require fertilizer?
Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja 'Green Giant') is famously low-maintenance, even under lesss-than-ideal conditions. But in certain circumstances, or if you just can't resist, a bit of fertilizer can give it a nice boost.
1. Newly Planted Trees: If you've just put one in the ground, a balanced, slow-release fertilizer can help it settle in and grow strong roots.
2. Less-Than-Perfect Soil: If your soil leans sandy, super clayey, or just lacks that rich organic touch, a bit of balanced fertilizer might be a good call.
3. Not Looking Its Best: If your arborvitae's leaves start taking on a strange yellow hue, or it seems to be growing slower than you'd like, it might be hinting at a need for some nutrients.
If you decide to go the fertilizer route, here are some pointers:
- Type of Fertilizer: A balanced, slow-release granular type, like 10-10-10 or 14-14-14, is your best bet.
- Timing: Early spring, when new growth is about to kick in, is ideal. With a slow-release kind, one application should do for the whole year.
- How to Apply: Always check the bag for recommended amounts. Spread it evenly around the base but steer clear of the trunk. And don't forget to water well afterward to help it soak in.
- Moderation is Key: While a little boost is good, overdoing it can backfire. Too much fertilizer can stress out your tree.
All in all, if your Green Giant Arborvitae looks happy and healthy, it's probably fine as-is. But if you've got a hunch it could use a bit more pep, a touch of fertilizer might be just the ticket.
How fast does green giant arborvitae grow?
In the right conditions, Green Giants can grow 3-5 feet in a single growing season, even without fertilizer.
How big does Green Giant Arborvitae get?
Green Giant Arborvitae is known for its rapid growth rate and can become quite tall when mature.
Typically, a Green Giant Arborvitae can reach:
Height: 50 to 60 feet tall, sometimes taller with optimal conditions and enough time.
Width: 12 to 20 feet wide at maturity.
Keep in mind that while it grows pretty fast (often 3 to 5 feet per year when young), its final size will also depend on factors like soil quality, available space, and overall care. If you're looking to maintain it at a specific height or width, you can trim it; however, it's best to do any major pruning in early spring before the new growth starts.
When is the best time to prune green giant arborvitae?
The best time to prune Green Giant Arborvitae is in the late winter to early spring, just before new growth begins. This timing reduces the chance of the tree experiencing winter injury from pruning and allows the fresh cuts to heal cleanly with the onset of the growing season.
Do you have arborvitae seedlings?
Not yet.  Our Green Giants spend a few seasons in the ground at our nursery to ensure that they are well rooted and ready to take off once delivered to you. The smallest size we currently offer is 6 feet.
However, we hope to launch a greenhouse-driven line of smaller trees for parcel delivery as early as January 2024.
Do you sell arborvitae seeds?
Not at present. Contact a local horticulturist or seed retailer if you're interested in growing from seed.
What’s the Difference Between Thuja and Arborvitae?
Thuja Green Giant and Green Giant Arborvitae are different names for the same thing.
What if I have more questions?
Call or text Ken directly at 302-333-7176. Texting will yield a quicker response


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Rolling Fields Tree Farm has been in operation for over 13 years and has grown to become the Mid-Atlantic's Premier Supplier of Green Giant Arborvitae trees. We specialize in raising Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja Green Giant) - the fastest growing landscaping trees in the biz - and delivering them all over the eastern seaboard. We even offer planting services for local customers.

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